Amedia Cymbals

Cymbals to fit your style!

Custom Drums

Jackshop makes custom drums for all your needs!

At last in Finland!

Jackshop sells spanish quality-cajons! With or without a travel bag!


We offer you high quality pro-level loudspeakers & amps!


Jackshop on the road

Jyväskylän JAMK 12.5

Daf Ry rumpukirppis Arabian nuorisotalo 21.5 (eteläsuomi 20-22.5)

Kuopio 26.5

Musiikki Lukinmaa Amedia symbaalit ja Jackshop rummut telineet ja tarvikkeet Kajaani 27.5

Vaasa Kaupunginkirjasto rumpubattle 31.5




New website is under the construction!

New website is under the construction!


Shipping times at the moment: Cymbals drums and hardware 1-3days, small orders less than 50e = ask


Would you please CALL +358 400 812174


Uusimme netisivua! Nopeinta palvelua saat soittamalla!! 

Tomi Salesvuo: Intro to funk -drumming course with Amedia Cymbals